What Is Mind Space?

Mind Space is a series of Science Fiction novels.  There are 3 volumes in the series, as follows:

  • Volume 1: Conspiracy
  • Volume 2: Empire
  • Volume 3: Ruin


Mind Space is a bold vision of the future of mankind in which every person would have the ability to communicate directly with any other person on the planet by thought alone.

Imagine a global community of ideas and emotions in which everyone can find wisdom and comfort in the support of others.

Imagine a world in which hate, dishonesty, and violence are no longer possible.

Imagine a world in which the dreams of philosophers and spiritual leaders have finally come to fruition-- a world community of peace, prosperity, and universal harmony.

And imagine that this bold vision of Mind Space is possible within just a few short decades...


The three books of Volume 1 are now available through Amazon.com here:

Volume 1: Conspiracy, Book 1: The Martyrs

Volume 1: Conspiracy, Book 2: Restoration

Volume 1: Conspiracy, Book 3: Mind Space